Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Ralph Lauren – exciting men’s and women’s fragrances

Over forty years ago, Ralph Lauren founded his fashion company Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation with the original collection “Polo”. Success was not long in coming, and Ralph Lauren can now look on a fashion empire that is in a class of its own. In addition to men’s, women’s and children’s collections, perfumes and cosmetics were soon added to the Lauren portfolio. L’Oréal acquired the licence for the Ralph Lauren men’s and women’s fragrances, from then on selling them as part of its luxury products segment.

Men’s fragrances by Ralph Lauren

The men’s fragrances, in their precious, stylish flaçons with the Lauren logo of the polo player, are targeted at sporty and stylish men. The various fragrances convey everything that makes up the modern man of today: a spirit of adventure, yearning for freedom, sportiness and sophistication. Whether Safari For Men, the fragrances Sport Man, Polo Blue and Black or the Big Pony Collection for the new generation of young, trend-conscious men – Ralph Lauren men’s fragrances fit perfectly with the character of the modern man.

Women’s fragrances by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren women’s fragrances form the counterpart to the men’s fragrances. The perfumes Safari and Romance, the Eau de Toilette Spray Ralph and the Big Pony Collection were designed specifically for the modern woman: sometimes exotic and extravagant, sometimes luxurious and feminine, feisty and spirited or bold, strong and beautiful. Ralph Lauren’s women’s fragrances are as unique as the modern woman.