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Helena Rubinstein: Luxurious cosmetics from a revolutionary woman

The high-quality cosmetics from Helena Rubinstein are characterised by their exclusive ingredients. The products of the deceased cosmetics mogul are still in demand today and some of her discoveries and scientific knowledge made an impression on the world. It was she who invented the mascara brush in 1958, bringing about a revolution in eye make-up.

The entrepreneur was born under the name Chaja Rubinstein in Krakow in Poland and emigrated to Australia at the age of 24. There she began to experiment for the first time and manufactured her own creams. She also founded the first beauty salon in Melbourne and laid an important foundation stone for the industry in doing so.

To further develop products, she went to Paris and then to the US, where she opened one of the biggest factories that had been opened by a woman up to this time in New York. The Helena Rubinsteinbrand quickly expanded into many countries and already comprised 100 subsidiaries at the time of her death in 1965.

What characterises the Helena Rubinstein brand?

Cosmetics continue to be produced, and continually further developed from a scientific standpoint, under the name of the founder to this day. The anti-ageing products from Helena Rubinstein are especially popular and the creams, serums and lotions are top products in the luxury cosmetic range.

In addition, Helena Rubinstein recognised early on the value of marketing and attractive packaging, and had these designed by artists and writers. In addition, she always budgeted economically and efficiently, and quickly made her brand a multi-million dollar emporium of worldwide renown in the process.

These are the best Helena Rubinstein products

Helena Rubinstein cosmetics are timeless. There are products for all skin types and the ingredients are well-tolerated and tailored to different requirements. The most popular Helena Rubinstein products include:

  • Helena Rubinstein Powercell: These products contain stem cells of samphire, which protect the skin from harmful influences and ageing.
  • Helena Rubinstein Pure Ritual: This skincare absorbs quickly and leaves behind a pleasantly moisturised feeling on the skin. In addition, it is known for its mild formula and is well-tolerated.
  • Helena Rubinstein Mascara: The brand made a name for itself worldwide with this product – the quality also speaks for itself. The mascara is ophthalmologically tested and creates high-impact eyes and an intense look.

Other Helena Rubinstein products in the range include make-up remover, hand cream, deodorant and lip balm.

Shop Helena Rubinstein cosmetics

At parfumdreams you can purchase Helena Rubinstein cosmetics and benefit from great offers. For over 100 years, women all over the world have trusted the cosmetics from the entrepreneur, who devoted her entire life to the subject of skin health and beauty. Bring the feeling of exclusivity home with Helena Rubinstein.