Shaving sets for men

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Shaving sets for men: A gift for someone else and for yourself

A classic shaving set for men is not only a high-quality gift, but also something that men can buy for themselves over the course of their lives. The basic components of shaving sets for men usually include these utensils:

  • Shaving brush
  • Safety razor
  • Bowl
  • Holder for the brush

Shaving sets for men for a precision wet shave

With shaving sets for men, a shaving cream or shaving soap is lathered and then applied to the skin. Compared to the traditional shaving foam, this cream usually has a consistency that enables a precision shave that protects the skin. The lather is also thicker and does not run down the chin.

This enables you to have a precision shave without stressing the skin too much because the bristles are removed gently. The holder ensures the brush can be stored properly and the fine badger bristles are not damaged by the wet. The bowl can also be placed under the brush so no foam and no liquid drop onto the bathroom fittings.

What other reasons are there for shaving using a shaving set?

A shave with shaving cream or shaving soap, safety razor and shaving brush is considerably more sustainable than with shaving foam. The cream lasts longer, it needs less packaging material and the blades on a safety razor do not have to be changed so often. The brush is easy to wash.

Anyone looking for a sustainable gift for men is making the right choice with a shaving set. Even men who wear a beard trim the edges regularly and maintain an even contour, for which a razor is necessary.

Shaving set: The perfect gift for men?

If you don’t know what to give your father, brother, uncle, friend or husband for their birthday or for Christmas, a shaving set for men is a good choice. Choosing a high-quality set pays off, as it could last a lifetime. That makes this gift a super sustainable option.

Even the higher price of a shaving set for men compared to a can of shaving foam and a razor pays off, if you consider how much longer shaving cream and a safety razor last and that the products need to be replaced considerably less frequently.

However, a shaving set does not have to be expensive. There are suitable sets even for smaller budgets that last a long time and fulfil every purpose. If you want to avoid badger hair and are looking for an alternative to this animal product, you won’t have to look far. There are synthetic brushes that are also impressive and achieve a good result.

Shaving sets for men: Wide selection at parfumdreams

At parfumdreams, you will find a wide selection of shaving sets for men as a gift. Whether you want the classic version with a badger hair brush or a synthetic alternative – there is something for every taste here and this typical men’s gift is a good product and a gift that will go on giving for years to come. Then next year and in the years that follow, you can make a gift of new blades or new shaving cream, as these are constantly needed or have to be renewed regularly.