Gel nail polish

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Gel nail polish – long-lasting groomed nails

Flawlessly painted nails always look groomed, whether painted in natural shades, classic reds or neon.

Gel nail polish will make your dreams come true if you are someone who wants your nail polish to last even on hard-working hands and feet.

Gel nail polish is easy to apply at home in a similar way to traditional polish. It has a different texture, which makes the polish slightly more viscous. You therefore need to be a bit more patient when applying it. But you will get your reward with brilliant colours with outstanding coverage.

The benefits of gel nail polish with and without UV light

There are two sorts of gel polish: on the one hand, we have UV nail polish, which has to be hardened with a special lamp. Though more spendy, if you are someone who likes to apply gel nail polish regularly, you save time with this method. On the other hand, gel nail polish that hardens in normal daylight is popular for applying at home.

Air-drying or UV lamp? Both methods have advantages. The following overview should help you to decide:

  • UV nail polish lasts longer than gel nails that have been hardened without the special lamp.
  • Hardening under a UV lamp is quicker and less complicated, even though the necessary accessories cost more.
  • For home use, there are special gel nail polishes that can dry in the air, although they take comparatively longer to dry. To achieve a really nice result, you should apply several coats, allowing each coat to dry well.
  • If the gel polish is applied carefully and has enough time to harden in the air, it lasts considerably longer than traditional nail polish.

The innovative polishes have a texture that allows them to remain flawless for a long time. As a rule, the gel nail polish has to be removed first if the nail has grown so much that an unsightly gap has appeared.

How to do a successful manicure with gel nail polish

For the nail polish to hold perfectly, oils and dirt should be thoroughly removed from the nails before it is applied. Cut and file the nails to the length and shape you require. Then apply a thin layer of base coat. As soon as this has dried, it’s time to paint the nails: Apply the gel nail polish of your choice in thin coats. To finish, once the polish has hardened completely, apply a top coat.

Clear top coat is available with various properties. It can make the polish look nice and shiny or matte. It is also available with various additional effects, such as glitter particles. However, its main task is to give thegel nail polish additional protection from damage.

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Subtle new shades, mysterious black, feminine red or cheerful colours: Gel nail polish is available in many colours and even as a set. Breathtaking UV nail polish or gel nail polish provide fantastic colour results and are also scratch-resistant and anti-split.

Gel-painted nails help you to look groomed at any time at work, sport and in your free time. If you are someone who can’t decide on a colour because of the wide selection available, it’s always possible to mix and match: Paint your nails anyway you want in different colours. Skilfully combined, they can achieve fabulous effects. Be inspired by our extensive assortment of gel nail polishes!