Montale perfume

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Montale – exotically enchanting fragrances

The fragrance creations from the House of Montale catch the eye from the first moment onwards with their unconventional appearance. Every bottle has a sophisticated design and the fragrance inside enchants the senses. Paris-based perfume maker Montale likes to use natural ingredients in a highly-concentrated form. At the same time, perfumer Pierre Montale likes to focus on creating an exceptional fragrance experience. He achieves this with special scent combinations that are both expressive and long lasting.

Discover the Montale perfume universe

Montale fragrances all boast distinctive packaging containing evocative scents. Montale’s perfumes are inspired by oriental ingredients and components. After spending several years in Saudi Arabia, Pierre Montale incorporated his experiences into his fragrances. His love for and fascination with the Arab countries is clearly evident in his creations which feature classic spices and fruits, as well as unique scents.

  • Montale perfumes for women: Montale has developed a special collection for women who appreciate precious fragrances. The French perfume company has combined special components such as oud and leather with rose, ambergris or musk. Additional scents, such as vanilla, raspberry and tangerine add a fruity pizazz. The perfumes have a high-concentration composition for a long-lasting fragrance experience.
  • Montale perfumes for men: All of the Montale men’s fragrances are produced from exquisite essences for intensive fragrance experiences. Accords of woody notes, softened by musk, lychee, patchouli or amber, create a mysterious air. In combination with scintillating spices such as cardamom, pepper and sacred resins, the fragrances are both multifaceted and masculine.
  • Montale unisex perfumes: The Montale perfumes for men and women are joined by a line of unisex fragrances. Each fragrance is meticulously compiled with compelling fruity scents, accompanied by floral and maritime scents. These perfume creations, some heavy and sweet, are also designed to be long-lasting. For men and women who prefer a more intensive everyday fragrance.

Montale primarily uses natural ingredients for its perfume and skincare products. Various rose essences are sourced in France, Bulgaria or India, whereas vanilla and other seductive scents come from Madagascar, Turkey or Saudi-Arabia.

Montale perfumes: Beautiful bottles for fine fragrances

Montale never compromises when it comes to the fragrances or their packaging. Rather than glass, the perfume company always uses aluminium as the material of choice for its bottles. The aluminium bottles were specially created as a fashionable casing that exudes exclusivity and protects the valuable ingredients from external factors such as sunlight. They come in a range of intensive colours with a metallic finish.

Not only does the entire Montale collection come in lightproof bottles with beautiful colours, the perfume itself is manufactured on a cruelty-free basis from only the very best essences. Sometimes Montale spends several years creating their outstanding fragrance compositions – for a lasting and intensive olfactory experience.

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