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Add variety to your eyes with eyeshadow palettes

With an eyeshadow palette, you have a wide range of colours at your fingertips to accentuate your eyes. As opposed to buying individual colours, what’s nice about eyeshadow palettes is that you can use the eyeshadow kits to combine several nuances of colour and perfectly blend different shades and colour gradations. The shades are usually deliberately designed to coordinate with each other. They are also cheaper to buy than buying each shade separately.

There are eyeshadow palettes that contain different shades of one colour, so you can find the shade that perfectly matches your eyes. There are also eyeshadow kits that contain completely different colours, so you can find the right one for every mood. Darker shades for the evening, lighter shades for the day and something bright for a special occasion? Yes, with the right eyeshadow palette. With such a huge selection, there's something for everyone.

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Which eyeshadow palettes suit which eye colour?

Finding the right eyeshadow palette for your own eye colour is a challenge. Use these recommendations as a guide if you want to find something that suits you:

  • Blue eyes: Eyeshadow paletes with warm tones go well with blue eyes. Shades of anthracite and brown are also good in an eyeshadow kit for blue eyes.
  • Brown eyes: Brown eyes go well with shades of plum. Turquoise and blue are also suitable for brown eyes. For day to day use, grey and anthracite shades look good.
  • Green eyes: Eyeshadow palettes in complementary colours are the best way to accentuate green eyes. These include shades of purple and pink with a slightly reddish hue. Warm browns also go well with green and make the eyes pop.
  • Grey eyes: Many shades go well with grey eyes, including a slightly darker shade of grey than your own eye colour, as well as shades of brown. Other suitable colours are violet and pick as well as shades of nude.

With an eyeshadow base and the right eyeshadow brush, you can instantly create expressive looks that really bring out your eyes.

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Some eyeshadow palettes only have four or five different colours and there are some with 15 or 20 different colours. You decide which one suits you best and how many colours you would like to have. At parfumdreams you can find lots of different palettes in every imaginable shade and colour, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.