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Alterna haircare: Natural luxury for strong hair

Alterna is the cool and luxurious fashion brand for natural haircare in the US. The brand was launched in Beverly Hills in 1997 and has also been available in Europe since 2004. Innovative, contemporary and natural: This characterises the formulas of Alterna haircare products. Since it was founded, Alterna Haircare has avoided the use of harmful and questionable substances, such as parabens, paraffin, sulphates and artificial colours. You won’t find mineral oil in the high-quality haircare products from Alterna either.

Alterna works together with famous stylists and experts in haircare to develop its luxury products containing natural ingredients. Alterna Haircare set standards for natural haircare worldwide with exclusive formulas that restore its health in just one application, thereby lightening the environmental load.

High-quality and natural ingredients: Alterna for healthy hair

Alterna offers an extensive range for every hair type and every hair texture. Fine, smooth, wavy or coloured hair is supplied with just the right level of valuable nutrients so it looks radiant and beautiful. Premium and rare ingredients are often used for this. In this way, Alterna is a step ahead of many brands and opts for the latest technologies and ingredients:

  • Botanical caviar is known for its moisturising properties and gives the hair more resistance and elasticity. The Alterna Caviar line gets the best from the active ingredient.
  • Water lily extract cleanses gently, soothes with its essential oils and restores shine to stressed hair.
  • The finest omega oils provide silky shine and strengthen the hair fibres deep down.
  • For volume and fullness, Alterna uses high-quality sea silk as well as keratin, panthenol and biotin that give texture and vigour.

Alterna haircare: Find the right haircare product online

Alterna Haircare focuses entirely on products for your healthy hair. Along with classic haircare products like shampoo, conditioner and hairspray, Alterna also has high-quality hair masks, hair oils, dry shampoos and heat protection sprays in the range. Each product, from foam styling mousse to hair cream, is perfectly tailored to the requirements of hair types like fine or coloured hair, or hair inclined to breakage and split ends. In addition, it protects the hair from damage and environmental influences when styling.

Alterna products are very popular with famous hairdressing salons and end customers with high demands. Thanks to the highly effective formulas of all Alterna products, the active ingredients develop visible results from the first application to restore life and shine to damaged hair. Alterna avoids artificial colours, mineral oil, parabens, sulphates and other questionable ingredients that can lead to skin irritation. All the products are extensively clinically tested.

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Enjoy pure luxury with natural and high-quality ingredients and care for your hair to make it healthy and beautiful. With Alterna products, you’re giving your hair just what it needs. Exclusive oils, extracts and natural essences elevate every Alterna product and make it something special.

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