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Bronzer – kissed by the sun

The light tan you get after a holiday is temporary. But now you can enjoy this summery complexion all year long straight out of a tube or pot. A bronzer gives you a natural look with a fresh glow without appearing artificial. It also has a contouring effect on your face. Bronzer comes in lots of different variations:

  • bronzing powder. In comes in a compressed or loose form in a practical tub and is applied with a slanted brush.
  • Cream bronzer: the creamy consistency is best applied with a large-surface brush.
  • Bronzer stick: this creamy variety in practical stick form can be applied directly to the skin and then blended with a brush or a sponge.

What all varieties have in common is that are only available in dark, earthier tones. This lets them give the cheeks a classic summery glow which imitates a natural summer tan. For this look to work, the bronzing powder should be no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This is best tested on the underside of your arm.

Which bronzer for which skin?

For radiant, summery cheeks, it is essential to choose the right product. For dry skin, a cream bronzer in a tub or as s stick is a good choice. It hydrates the skin and is easy to apply. Bronzer with shimmering particles is also an option for dry skin, but it should be used subtly.

People with oily or combination skin don’t have to do without a summery glow either. Try a bronzing powder with a mattifying effect. This reduces the unwanted shininess of the skin, and the light texture will not irritate the skin. It is important to create a proper base with skincare products, primer and foundation so that the bronzer doesn’t look patchy.

How to use cream bronzer and bronzer sticks properly

In general, a bronzer can deliver two different effects: wither a sun-kissed complexion like you just got back from holiday or a gently modelled face. In any case, you start off with your usual make-up routine before moving on to your bronzer stick. Whether you prefer working with a brush or a sponge is up to you.

For a summery look, apply the cream bronzer to your forehead, cheeks and chin. Then blend it thoroughly. This accentuates exactly those areas that would naturally get a light tan from the sun. If you would like to use your bronzer for contouring, knowing the shape of your face is key. Compact or loose bronzing powder does not differ significantly in how it is used.

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Whether powder, cream or stick: to keep some of that light summer tan on your cheeks in winter as well, bronzer is a must in your daily make-up routine. High-quality products are extremely easy to blend melt into the skin for a natural look. They create a glowing complexion so you can launch yourself into your day with confidence.