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Heat protection: is so important for healthy hair

Everyone who styles their hair regularly with a curling wand or a hairdryer, should have a heat protector in the bathroom cabinet. Hair is exposed to temperatures of up to 230 degrees when styling, which dry it out and cause damage, making it look brittle, with split ends and prone to breakage.

How a heat protection spray works

A heat protector lays a protective film around the cuticle of individual strands of hair and ensures they do not come into direct contact with the heat. The strands are sealed and moisture does not evaporate when in contact with heat. So styling with heat should dry the hair out less. Obviously, the products needs to be distributed well throughout the hair.

What is the difference between the various heat protection products?

There are various products for heat protection that have different properties:

  • Heat protection spray: A heat protection spray is the most popular type used. It is sprayed onto damp hair and the roots, meaning it is simple to use. Many sprays also have nourishing properties and supply the hair with extra moisture.
  • Heat protection cream: A heat protection cream frequently also contains nourishing ingredients that protect the hair from split ends and from drying out. It has a thicker consistency than a spray, makes a good alternative, and can be worked evenly into wet hair.

The right way to use heat protection for hair

Heat protection for hair is applied to damp hair and is left in the hair. This means that heat protection spray or heat protection cream is not rinsed out. This allows the products to develop their full effect.

It is best to apply the spray from a distance of between 20 and 30 centimetres. It is important that every strand of hair comes into contact with the product. To distribute the spray well, the hair is combed through thoroughly at the end. The heat protection cream is massaged into damp hair with the hands. At this point, it is also worth brushing the hair thoroughly at the end to distribute the product evenly.

You then blow-dry your hair. When the hair is completely dry, you can work with other hairspray.

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