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Highlighter – soft glow for a shimmering complexion

With a highlighter, it is possible to give your face a little glow with ease. Afterwards, your complexion will immediately appear fresher and more radiant. To complete every make-up session, you can apply a little product to either the tops of your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose or the corners of your eyes. Anyone who likes a more dramatic look can also apply a little highlighter to their upper lip – also known as their Cupid’s bow. For a sensational look that is guaranteed to stand out.

Using highlighter in a targeted, subtle way: for a seductive look

Highlighters are perfect for giving your make-up a touch of shimmer. In this way you can make certain areas shine in order to complete your look. Applied as an accentuating highlight, the face will not only have a gentle glow, it will also look fresher in an instant. However, you should knot a few tips and tricks regarding how to apply it:

  • Eyebrows: applied directly under the eyebrows, highlighter can really look great. It opens up your eyes, makes them more expressive and also accentuates the eyebrows a little. For a more intense look, you can also add a dab of highlighter to the corner of your eye.
  • Cheek bones: on your cheeks, apply the highlighter straight to your cheek bones. Using a thin brush or your little finger, the product is best applied over the top of your blush. This produces a harmonious overall look that looks stunning and accentuates the cheek bones.
  • Nose: a slightly broader nose can be made to look slimmer using a highlighter stick. Simply apply a little product to the bridge of your nose. If necessary, you can then blend the highlighter with a fan brush or your little finger.
  • Lips: a little dab on your Cupid’s bow is enough to make your lips appear fuller. Liquid highlighter is best suited for the finishing touch. It lets you create a well-rounded overall look that is fresh and glowing.

Various different highlighters are available for every taste and every skin type. Gold nuances are very well suited to warm skin types, while a cooler skin tone harmonises wonderfully with pale highlighters. Those that like to use different colours for different occasions would be well served by a highlighter palette. On a palette, you can find different colour nuances to complete any make-up look.

Discover highlighters and find the right product for you

Powder highlighters are best applied using a brush: apply it to the areas of your face that you want to accentuate. However, you should avoid any areas where your skin is prone to oiliness. This might include your forehead and cheeks, for example. Cream highlighters can also be used in a targeted way for a powerful look. They are available as highlighter sticks, pens or in tubes. In this way you can ensure very precise dosing.

Glow drops, on the other hand, come in little bottles. They are great for mixing with liquid make-up, but can also be applied on their own using your finger tips. But even the best highlighter should only be used subtly and in moderation. It is much more important to add precise accents and to blend the transitions well. This creates a make-up look that is also glamorous.

Tip: in lots of highlighter palettes, you will often also find different colour tones for contouring. This makes it possible to subtly define your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose and accentuate different areas of your face in a targeted way.

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