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Beard balm – more than just simple beard care

In addition to pomade and beard oil, beard balm is part of the extensive beard care range. It nourishes your beard and makes the hair wonderfully soft and smooth. It also allows you to shape your beard however you wish. Beard balm is a practical all-rounder. But what's the best way to apply it?

Beard balm – the ultimate care product for your beard

While beard pomade gives your beard a stronger hold and beard oil supplies extra moisture, beard balm combines both of these attributes. Thanks to its creamy texture, the product can be applied evenly to the beard while also providing the skin with valuable nourishment. At the same time, the balm gives the beard hold, allowing you to successfully tame beard growth. The best way to use beard balm is as follows:

  • Trim your beard: A beard requires care in order for it to look nice and stylish. It's therefore important to wash your beard regularly and trim it when necessary. Correcting contours and cutting off unruly hairs will help to ensure a well-groomed overall appearance.
  • Wash and dry your beard: Wash your beard after trimming to remove any loose hairs. Then dry your beard thoroughly. This will allow the softened hairs to absorb the care product far more effectively.
  • Apply beard balm: Take a small amount of beard balm with your fingers and rub it between your hands. The amount of product you need will depend on the length of your beard. It's best to begin with a small amount of product and add more if it's not enough. Apply the beard balm to all areas of your beard. Do so carefully and shape your beard as you go. The results will be visible. Your beard will not only look well groomed but also perfectly styled.

Why beard balm is important for beards

Just like the hair on your head, your beard also requires care. Beard hair is also exposed to a range of external influences such as UV rays, temperature fluctuations, bacteria, etc.

Longer beards, in particular, require more attention. Be sure to massage the beard balm into your beard regularly and gently. The oil and selected essences in the balm leave behind a wonderful feel. Beard balm gives the hair a slight hold and a pleasant fragrance, making it a great all-rounder that will add the perfect finishing touch to your care routine.

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