Root touch-up spray

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Root touch-up spray: Fast help for grown out colour

A root touch-up spray is the perfect solution for covering up regrowth until your next salon visit. If you see a different colour at the roots as your colour grows out, try using a root touch-up spray. It conceals the roots and can even cover grey hair.

The secret is to discover a root touch-up spray that perfectly matches the colour of your hair. For those who prefer to dye their own hair and opt for popular brands, there is usually a retouch spray in their range that beautifully complements your hair colour. Whether it’s a brunette root spray or a blonde root spray – the perfect shade can be found for every hair colour. And if it’s not quite perfect, don’t worry, you can wash out the touch-up spray when you next wash your hair.

How do you apply root touch-up spray?

Retouch spray usually comes in a spray can with a fine applicator. This means you can apply the spray to the specific area that needs it:

  • Give the can a good shake to ensure the colour pigments are evenly distributed.
  • Spray the root touch-up spray along your parting, targeting the roots. For best results, use the product after styling and on dry hair.
  • We recommend spraying the product at a distance of 15 to 30 centimetres from the roots.
  • The colour coats both your scalp and your hair. This means that no one will notice your roots.

Using a root spray is really easy and quick. You can also use it if you have grey hair that bothers you.

Use root spray for hair loss

To achieve a natural look and ensure good adhesion, hair is essential for the root spray. This means that you can’t simply mask a receding hairline over a large area or hair loss.

Root concealing spray can camouflage small areas, such as those caused by alopecia areata. The coloured spray can also create the appearance of thicker hair in places where it is slightly thinner.

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