Naomi Campbell Parfum

The Naomi Campbell fragrances feature a touch of femininity. The well-known model combines strengths such as wisdom, beauty and confidence, transferring them to her fragrance: these strengths are reflected in the form of the versatile feminine essences used. The fragrances wrap around their wearer like an invisible veil, allowing them to look radiant in a completely different light.

Premium fragrances with feminine features

Each fragrance by Naomi Campbell is based on a masterful fragrance composition. The versatile aromas in the fragrance should prompt women to recognise their femininity as such and use it as part of their everyday life. It doesn’t matter whether you are a romantic seductress, pampered luxury cat or a mysterious stranger: every single imaginable trait can be reflected using the fragrance by this renowned brand. Let it be as you want it to be and be inspired by the versatile fragrances by Naomi Campbell!