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Eyelash curlers for sweeping lashes

Beautifully curved eyelashes show off your eyes to their best advantage. With the right eyelash curler, your dream of open and radiant eyes is achievable. It’s easy to find the right eyelash curler with the great selection at parfumdreams.

The best lash curler for your daily eye makeup

A good eyelash curler is made of a durable material such as metal, which makes it easy to clean. The lash support surface is mainly made of silicone, which is easy to clean and replace. Over time, the silicone pad loses its tension. So you should replace the silicone at regular intervals.

Eyelash curlers have a handy scissor grip to shape the eyelashes. There are also plastic lash curlers on the market. These are often not as sturdy as metal eyelash curlers. Another type of eyelash curler is one with a built-in comb in front of the silicone pad. The advantages of the comb shape: It separates each individual lash smoothly on the silicon pad and creates an even curl.

Shapely eyelashes in a jiffy

Having your eyelashes curled at a beauty salon takes ages. Why not make it easier on yourself and shape your eyelashes at home with an eyelash curler – it only takes a few seconds. Here’s how to use an eyelash curer to achieve a beautifully shaped result:

  • Make sure your lashes are dry and not stuck together. If your lashes are not separated, brush them with a soft brush before using the eyelash curler.
  • Heat the eyelash curler briefly (e.g. with a hairdryer) for a more intense result.
  • Place the curler on your eye so that the lashes on the upper eyelid rest on the silicone pad.
  • Press the eyelash curlers together and hold them in position for about 20 seconds.
  • Only apply the mascara to your eyelashes after this. If your curl doesn't hold for long, you should try a waterproof mascara. It contains more wax, which means it can hold the curl all day long.

Do not use the eyelash curler on lashes that have already been mascaraed. This is because mascara hardens on the lashes and they are no longer flexible enough to curl, so you may end up breaking them.

Find good eyelash curlers at parfumdreams

Looking for the best eyelash curler for your look? Find the right lash curler at parfumdreams. Complete your beauty routine with a high-quality eyelash serum and a mascara for a stunning eye look. All brand name products from one shop - at a special low price.

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