The Different Company

The name is routine

When The Different Company label was founded in 2000, it had claimed, quite audaciously, to be different to all others. The label wanted to create fragrances which the world had never seen before and also to take different approaches to manufacturing. This is why The Different Company doesn’t use any synthetic fragrance substances to manufacture its perfumes. This is because, apart from being different, the label also wants to proves that these natural fragrance are in fact still the most aromatic, the strongest, the most attractive and the most valuable. Moreover, this makes each Eau de Parfum unique. This is because natural ingredients react completely differently on skin than synthetic substances, which is why the same fragrance can smell different even on twins. This is also the main reason why The Different Company consciously avoids making specific fragrances for each gender. It is ultimately a well-known fact that women also gravitate towards men’s fragrances whilst men find women’s perfumes very aromatic. So why not simply do away with this concept with perfume and let the wearers decide for themselves? And the result gives this somewhat different company every right to do this.