Swiss Basics Skin care

Swiss Basics is a special body and facial care series by the world-renowned Juvena Cosmetic Institute in Switzerland. The high-quality facial and body care products are manufactured using high-quality ingredients and contain minerals from the country of origin. The care products created on the basis of innovative research and experience gathered over 50 years, are tailored to meet the needs of various skin types and preserve beauty and youthfulness. The high quality of the Swiss Basics body and facial care products is substantiated by numerous national and international awards.

High-quality body care products with genuine Swiss minerals

With increasing age, the skin of men and women changes and the cell regeneration slows down. Facial and body care takes on a completely new meaning, thus requiring special care products as well. Swiss Basics is made with a formula that densifies, regenerates and refines the skin. The skin’s structure and appearance is demonstrably improved by the high-quality body and facial care products. The care products of the Swiss Cosmetic Institute are available for normal and sensitive skin.