Stendhal Skin care

Innovation for anti-ageing skin care products

In 1949, Stendhal was the first company to employ the valuable mink oil in care cosmetics. In 1952, it was also the first brand to develop and launch a means of combating cellulite. At the same time, the firm also had the courage in that era to advertise a product that could firm the bust. However, the company was not just a pioneer as regards the care products themselves, it also took a different route as regards packaging. Thus, in 1958, daily doses of anti-ageing products were packaged in individual ampoules for the first time in the world.To this day, Stendhal still develops high-quality care products, which are continually pioneering, at regular intervals. The care line can thus show off with two patented ingredients at once that are not available anywhere else. For example, the company completely foregoes the use of hormonal activators and additives in its anti-ageing line. Stendhal does of course have even more to offer than an exclusive and very successful care line. Make-up, fragrances and care products for dry skin also number among the evergreens produced by the successful cosmetic company.