MY DRY Skin care

Every person encounters a situation, when they sweat profusely. Heat, stress, exertions, nervousness, hectic rush and hurry are the triggers for it. We all find sweat stains and deodorant patches to be unpleasant and embarrassing. Conventional deodorants only mask body odour and antiperspirants block the skin’s natural function. MY DRY products go against this effect. The deodorants by MY DRY have an innovative formula, because they are the first deodorants, which do not use water, which dries out the skin. When it comes to body care, a particularly high value should be placed on products, which are gentle on the skin and which contain plant ingredients. MY DRY deodorants contain pure aloe vera, potassium and green tea extracts. The deodorants represent healthy, well-groomed armpits with antiperspirant protection, which is effective for 48h, free from water, alcohol and aluminium chloride. Skin tolerability has been dermatologically tested. MY DRY is gentle on the skin and is also suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies.