Jovoy Parfum

1920s Paris was an exciting and lively place that brought out many a colourful personality. One of these was Blanche Arvoy, a strong and compelling woman. She founded the perfume house Jovoy, which rapidly made a name for itself both within Paris and beyond the borders of France. Everybody raved about the exquisite perfumes of this new brand and its high-quality, lovingly designed flaçons. The fragrances of the energetic young company founder even gained a following in America. But following the death of Blanche Arvoy, the perfume house’s former reputation faded, until it was woken from its deep slumber in 2006 by another visionary. Under François Hénin, Jovoy was once again able to build on its erstwhile successes. In 2011, François Hénin gave the brand a visual makeover. Featuring a black croc design, graphic yet sensual packaging encases beautiful glass flaçons. High-quality fragrances such as the 7 Parfums Capitaux (the seven main fragrances) have ensured that Jovoy is now once again one of the most popular perfume brands in the world – and rightly so!