Emeshel Parfum

Emeshel Perfumes from Switzerland are fragrances full of power, energy and a simple elegance. The luxurious label was founded in Hungary and was convincing from the very beginning due to its quality and extravagance. It wasn’t long before the fragrances were available in luxury shops. The manufacturer focused mainly on America and Switzerland at the time. The label’s head office is now in Switzerland. The choice of name is particularly interesting. Emeshel stands for the designer of the same name whose ideas laid the foundation for the fragrance manufacturer. The designer initially demonstrated her creativity primarily by glass art and high-quality jewellery designs. The Premium Fragrance Collection also paved her way into the world of fragrances.Between style and elegance. The Emeshel Perfume is not just a fragrance. It is an homage to the beauty of the facets that a high-quality perfume essence can hold. The scents the fragrances unfurl are considered especially pure and pleasant. The exceptional stability is repeatedly emphasised. Just a small accent on the skin is enough to accompany the wearer, albeit man or woman, throughout the day. The label attracts attention with the creations. No reticent fragrances are to be found in the collections. Instead, the Emeshel Perfume scores with powerful compositions, which harmonise perfectly with each other. They are fragrances for people with self-confidence and the desire to stand out from the crowd. Extravagance and personal style are the main focus when selecting the nuances.