Acqua di Biella Parfum

Acqua di Biella is one of the oldest Italian perfume houses, with a long family history. Founder Luigi Cantono was already producing soaps as well as bath and cosmetic articles back in 1871 – then still under the Reale Manifattura label. He won fame and fortune with his Acqua di Biella cologne, which would later give its name to all the fragrant products that came next. Even the royal family became fans and Cantono’s fame grew and grew. To this day, the house’s fragrances are appreciated by a wide audience and discerning perfume experts.

Premium quality perfume - natural, pure, handmade

Perfumes from this Italian producer are known as coveted niche perfumes and to this day are made exclusively by hand. Name such as “Ca’ Luna”, “Cashmere Twill” oder “No. 1” underline the exclusive origin of the perfumes. Ingredients are solely natural, precious materials and oils , which in composition produce a unique and enchanting fragrance that will captivate the wearer forever. The design of the flaçon stands out with its simple, elegant presentation and fits the classic, irresistable and yet discreet fragrance so perfectly. A distinctive feature of all perfumes is the durability. The elegant blend of fragrances is noticable even hours after it is applied. Whether delicate and sensuous, seductive or inspiring – perfumes from Acqua di Biella are complex and offer the perfect fragrance that will underline the individual character of a man or a woman.