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Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata: Masterly skincare for a natural tan

The Vita Liberata brand was founded by the Northern Irish entrepreneur Alyson Hogg in 2003. Prior to this, she worked for many years in the marketing sector and then decided to develop her own skincare line, whose focus is on healthy tanned skin.

Vita Liberata is a brand for high-quality skincare products and primarily develops self-tanners, which contribute to your well-being with natural ingredients and advanced technology. Nicely tanned skin, as if you’ve just got back from holiday, without damaging the skin – this is what theVita Liberata brand wants to achieve.

Sustainability and technology: This is what characterises the Vita Liberata brand

Sustainability and /strong> are two aspects that are important to Vita Liberata. Both the ingredients and the selection of packaging are subject to strict criteria with the goal of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices. But Vita Liberata is not only characterised by the environmental aspect.

The technologies the brand has developed are remarkable. With Vita Liberata products, it is possible to get an even and streak-free tan. Even different skin types are covered in the product palette, so that everyone can attain the desired depth of tan.

Vita Liberata also stands for self-love and self-acceptance and wants to help people find greater well-being with their products. The brand stands for radiant, healthy skin, a self-aware and positive lifestyle and wants to make that “just back from holiday” feeling something that is accessible to and can be experienced by everyone.

What are the most popular products by Vita Liberata?

The products by Vita Liberata are all suitable for self-tanning – either instant, wash-off products or products that will last up to one week. Vita Liberata has a variety of product lines in their offering, each with a different focus:

Body Blur: This line comprises the Vita Liberata make-up for the body, as the name indicates. The body make-up by Vita Liberata has a special formula, whereby the product lies gently on the skin and reflects the light, making the skin look smooth and giving it a flawless and matte finish. The tanning result appears instantly and can be washed off at any time. Vita Liberata make-up is easy to use – the product can be applied with a tanning glove.

Tinted Tanning Mist: The products in this range are tanning sprays for the face and the body available in different shades. The spray absorbs quickly, is easy to apply and allows you to determine the tanning result yourself. A single application is enough for a gentle glow, while a second layer deepens the tan.

Tinted Tanning Mousse: The self-tanning foam is also available in different shades and contains cucumber extract, glycerine and aloe vera. Apply the mousse to cleansed and exfoliated skin with a tanning glove. Do not moisturise before use. The self-tan lasts for four to seven days.

Shop Vita Liberata and conjure up a natural summer tan without damaging the skin

You can buy products from Vita Liberata at parfumdreams – conveniently and easily, and choose from a wide selection. With prices between 22 and 39 euros, the Vita Liberata products are in the medium to high price segment for self-tanning products and impress with their potency, nourishing effects and great ingredients. Other self-tanning products are also available at parfumdreams, as well as many other brands and beauty items.

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