Dental care Basis Sensitiv by Lavera

Beautiful teeth are an expression of beauty and health. A sparkling smile, free from decay and staining, always makes a good impression. At the same time, the right dental care expels unpleasant tastes and odours from the mouth and throat. Although the brand Lavera is actually famous for caring cosmetics, it now also offers products for dental care in the Basis Sensitiv range. Like always with this brand, all products are vegan and made solely from natural ingredients. This means that Lavera lives up to its “natural cosmetics” endorsement!

Natural cosmetics for the teeth

The Basis Sensitiv range features caring cosmetics for the teeth and mouth. The mint toothpaste delights with its very fresh notes and minty flavour. A tooth gel is also available, which is particularly well-suited to those who frequently battle bleeding gums and very sensitive teeth. Thanks to their natural ingredients, the products are well-tolerated and are also suitable for sensitive teeth. With the Lavera products, you can give your teeth and smile a special sparkle, which also ensures healthy self-confidence.