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Lady Million perfume: Pure luxury by Paco Rabanne

The women’s fragrance Lady Million by Paco Rabanne radiates pure luxury, extravagance and exuberance, just like the men’s fragrance 1 Million. This is also represented with the flacons in the shape of gold bars and golden diamonds.

Paco Rabanne and his fragrance creations

Paco Rabanne is a French fashion designer with Spanish roots. Thus, his fragrances unite Spanish temperament with the French art of seduction.

The “Enfant Terrible” of the French fashion industry began his fashion career in the 50s. His extraordinary collections from plastic, paper and aluminium created a worldwide sensation. Nowadays, Paco Rabanne is mostly known for his perfumes.

Free, independent and searching for something special - this is the vision of the wearer, whom Paco Rabanne imagines to be wearing his perfume and fragrance creations.

Did you know?

To Paco Rabanne, you are a winner worth millions

Lady Million does not just impress with its visually appealing flaçon in the shape of a golden diamond. The aromas of the perfume - orange blossoms, jasmine sambac, raspberries, neroli, bitter oranges, honey, and patchouli - cast a spell over you and made Lady Million a classic, although the fragrance has only been around for a few years. The designer has now gone one better with Paco Rabanne Invictus, a men’s fragrance that instantly makes you a winner and has a flaçon shaped like a trophy. With the perfume, the designer opens a new chapter. The mixture of reality and mythology is reflected in the aromas of bay leaves, oakmoss, patchouli, ambergris, jasmine, grapefruit, maritime notes, and guaiac wood.

So, just as Lady Million is sweet seduction, Paco Rabanne Invictus is the fresh manly fragrance that makes an impact without overpowering masculine notes and is thus especially appealing to young men. With this perfume, Paco Rabanne hasn’t just created a fragrance but also a new look among bottles, because the trophy catches the eye instantly and lures you into snapping the perfume up and returning home a winner. It is difficult too imagine which nicknames the designer has. For example, did you know that Paco Rabanne has the nickname “the metalworker”? He got this name from his unusual catwalk creations. Made from wires and whole pieces of metal, some of his creations had to be soldered together, which earned Paco the unusual nicknames that he actually bears with pride. It really shows how unique the designer is.