Benefit cosmetics

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Benefit makeup: The face behind the popular brand of cosmetics

Benefit is the go-to brand for fast and simple make-up. The Benefit cosmetics eyebrow care and styling products are firm favourites in the range, which is continuously being extended.

US brand Benefit was founded in 1976 in San Francisco by the twins, Jean and Jane Ford. They believed that laughter was the best cosmetic, aiming to put a smile on their customers’ faces with simple solutions to their beauty problems. Both founders had been working as models and were familiar with the beauty and cosmetics industry.

The twin’s first store retailing Benefit cosmetics was called The Face Place and it soon became a major success. In 1990 they decided to expand outside the USA. The brand is now sold in more than 30 countries around the world. Consumers in Germany have been able to buy Benefit makeup products since 2003.

Benefit cosmetics: The range is extensive

Benefit is all about cosmetics and beauty. Benefit products bring out women's beauty and boost their confidence, while caring for and making the best of their skin.

The majority of products are in the Benefit make-up range, and there is also a smaller Benefit skincare collection. Yet, despite its size, the skincare collection perfectly complements the make-up products, because the creams and gels are tailored to the Benefit make-up range.

What is the Benefit USP?

Benefit focuses on instant solutions with its cosmetic and beauty products, all of which are quick and simple to apply. It is known for its whimsical product names and cheeky texts on the packaging so that people who buy Benefit go home with a beautiful smile on their faces. The brand slogan that the two founders have always followed is “laughter is the best cosmetic“.

Benefit products are eye-catching, fun and mood boosting. The beneficial and decorative properties of the products, with their unique-looking tubes, pencils and jars, have given them a global fan base. Benefit Cosmetics enhance the wearer’s best features, making them feel absolutely irresistible.

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