Hildegard Braukmann - Emosie Face - Vitamin CreamHildegard Braukmann - Emosie Face - Vitamin Cream
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Description by Emosie Face Vitamin Cream by Hildegard Braukmann

Product sub-line: Skin care
Range: Emosie Face
Description: Vitamin Cream
Characteristics: moisturising

Vitamin Cream Night cream for normal to dry skin. With cacao butter and valuable safflower oil. Rich in the skin active vitamins F, A, C, and E. Regulates moisture levels in the skin and makes it soft and smooth. A complex of plant oils, phytosqualan and the vitamins mentioned makes this night cream a balm for dry, demanding and stressed skin. Ingredients: The complete list of ingredients is found on the packaging using the required INCI nomenclature. Active ingredient Vitamin A stimulates cell renewal in the skin. Skin regeneration will be accelerated and the natural skin functions optimised. Vitamin A helps mature skin look smooth, fresh and rosy for longer. Vitamin C catches free radicals. These free aggressive oxygen molecules form particularly under UV rays, negative environmental influences or stress. Vitamin C counters these damaging influences by catching these radicals. The skin is much better protected, cell activity is stimulated and new production of collagen fibres is encouraged. Vitamin E offers active cell protection, particularly in combination with vitamin C. With regular use it will improve the complexion and the skin will be tangibly smoother. Vitamin E demonstrably boosts the skin’s moisture retention. Mature skin will be intensely nourished and builds a protection reserve for the next day. Vitamin F is among the foundations of our skin, it strengthens barrier function and thus the resilience of the skin. Furthermore, this vitamin produces an even complexion and suppresses irregular pigmentation. Use Apply to the skin in the evening after cleansing. For particularly dry skin (i.e. in Winter) also use during the day. Product benefits- The skin feels soft and supple, and looks smoother.- Provides the skin with important active ingredients over night for a natural balance.- Makes the skin feel soft and smooth.- Valuable vitamin boost (F, A, C, E) improves cell regeneration and equalises skin damage.- Active beauty sleep leaves the skin wonderfully rested and looking smoother in the morning.- Ideal in the winter for protection against the cold. Container size: 50 ml jar

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Contents by Emosie Face Vitamin Cream by Hildegard Braukmann

E) verbessert die Zellregeneration und gleicht Hautschäden aus. - Aktiver Schönheitsschlaf lässt die Haut morgens wunderbar erholt und glatter aussehen. - Im Winter ideal als ""Kälteschutzbremse"". Abfüllgröße: 50 ml Tiegel"

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