Semi-permanent hair dye

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Hair tint – semi permanent hair colour

Fancy a change? With a delicate hair tint, you have maximum flexibility. Unleash your hair’s expressive potential with brilliant nuances and gentle highlights. They gradually wash out, so you can experiment all over again.

What are the advantages semi permanent hair dyes?

Most hair dyes are brimming with harsh chemicals that can weigh down your hair. Achieve brilliant results with a tint that is even made from natural ingredients. Plus, these products offer even more advantages:

  • Kinder to your hair: It doesn’t damage the structure. The pigments don’t penetrate, but simply cling on.
  • No pesky roots showing: Instead, the tint washes out beforehand.
  • Perfect for refreshing your hair colour between two dyeing sessions. With red or copper tones, for instance.

While these products are kind to your hair, they also have their limitations. Don’t expect any lightening with a tint. In addition, hair dyes are not a solution to covering grey hair.

What is an intense tint?

This product is the perfect middle ground between a permanent, chemical hair dye and a wash-out tint. The intense tint lasts for about six to eight weeks, but also takes a toll on your hair. This also makes it possible to go one shade lighter. That’s why intense tinting also contains hydrogen peroxide, but in much smaller quantities than a permanent hair dye.

How to use a semi permanent hair dye

Protect your clothes with an old towel. If you are prone to intolerance reactions, it’s always a good idea to have an allergy test beforehand. To do this, you simply apply a tiny amount of the hair tint to your inner elbow about 48 hours in advance. Do not use this product if you have any redness, itching or blisters.

A lot of semi permanent hair colour should be applied to wet hair. This makes it easier to spread the cream. Make sure you cover every area with enough product. Maybe someone can help you apply the hair tint evenly. Otherwise, you might get some funny patches. Please note the exposure time indicated on the packaging and then rinse off the product.

Semi permanent hair colouring – tips and tricks

Even if you tint your hair, you may still accidentally stain your skin at the roots. Make sure you avoid it by applying plenty of Vaseline or any other moisturising cream to your skin before the treatment and quickly wipe away any slip-ups.

The more the better? This is a game-changer when it comes to tinting your hair. If in doubt, always buy a second pack so you won’t be worried about there being any patches.

Unleash the full potential of semi permanent hair dye with the help of heat. If you don’t have a hood hair dryer, you can also use a regular hair dryer on medium heat. When it comes to texture, whether a foam, fluid, gel or cream, it all depends on your personal taste. Grey hair and hair tints, however, are not the best of pals. In this case, it’s better to opt for an intense tint or jump straight into a permanent hair colour.

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