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Bleaching at home – nail it like a pro

Hardly any other chemical treatment stresses hair as much as bleaching does. Not only does ammonia give off a nasty smell, it also opens up the cuticle layer. This leads to the degradation of natural pigments, causing the hair to lighten. However, this also changes the hair structure. That’s why your hair needs some extra TLC after a treatment.

Bleaching your hair – the prep

So that your hair copes well with the hair bleaching process, you can help it by preparing it properly beforehand. Give your hair some love ahead of time with hair masks. Don’t wash your hair for two days before bleaching, so your scalp can coat itself with protective sebum. A touch of moisturiser or petroleum jelly on your face and around your hairline can act as a protective barrier against the impact of the bleaching product.

Applying the hair bleach correctly

If you want to achieve the perfect lightened and blond look, make sure to stick to the instructions on the packaging. Always wear gloves and keep towels handy to avoid stains on clothes and furniture. Basically, bleaching involves three steps:

  • Step 1: Mix and apply the blonding cream according to the instructions on the packaging, and slather it on immediately. Once the mixture comes into contact with air, the chemical reaction kicks off.
  • Step 2: Keep in mind the suggested time for the treatment and shorten it, if necessary. Make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and steer clear of any experimenting.
  • Step 3: Make sure to rinse the bleach thoroughly with lots of water and shampoo.

Don’t worry, bleached blond hair can feel rubbery or brittle after the hair bleaching process. That’s because of the open cuticle layer and the lack of pigments. Treat your tresses to a deeply nourishing treatment of keratin, plant oils or other nurturing substances before applying a hair dye or glossing.

Bleaching hair dyes – here’s what you need to know

Right after the treatment, bleached blond hair can have a strong yellowish hue. But don’t worry, this is nothing to be alarmed about. You definitely shouldn’t bleach your hair again, as it would seriously damage your locks. Instead, just grab a silver shampoo, which neutralises the yellow with just a simple wash. For a solution that lasts, consider a tint that can really work wonders on your lightened locks.

Heading to the pool with newly bleached blond hair? That’s not a good idea. The chlorine in the water reacts with the porous cuticle layer and an unpleasant greenish hue might appear. This can only be fixed by going to the hairdressers.

Your hair is already coloured? Then you definitely shouldn’t take the risk of bleaching your hair at home. You just can’t tell how the result will pan out. Your trusted hairdresser is your best bet for this.

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