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Keramik Foot File + Toe Separator + Toe Nail Fail / 1 Stk.

BP: £4.49* / 1 pcs. Keramik Foot File + Toe Separator + Toe Nail Fail / 1 Stk.

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Description by Pedicure Gift set by ERBE

With the files and clippers gift set from Becker Manicure, your nails emit a new shine. The set is perfect as a small gift but can, of course, be given on bigger occasions, such as Christmas or birthdays. The high-quality body care products for fingernails and toenails ensure pleasant and fast all-round care for nails, both clipped or afterwards for further finishing. The utensils contained are made from pleasantly clean and simplistic silver.

Radiantly beautiful nails within the shortest possible time

Despite the tools it contains, the files and clippers gift set is so small that it can even be taken on journeys without difficulty. This means that you can also rely on the pleasant care of the quality products from Becker Manicure when you're on the go. The specialist in products for shaving and nails is renowned for its high quality standards and long-standing tradition. As a gift for aestheticians, it is guaranteed to be second to none.

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