French Style Skin care by Alessandro

French Style is as popular as ever in the hand and nail care industry

Sylvia Troska discovered nail design in the USA more than 30 years ago and brought it to Germany. The company she founded, Alessandro International, is therefore a true pioneer in the area of hand and nail care.. This is because Sylvia, and of course Alessandro International, not only brought nail design to Germany but also established the nail designer as a profession. This meant that the classic manicure was not only expanded by one important element, but was also added to.

It all began with the famous French Style but it was not long before wonderful, colourful nail designs became part of the natural look. But although colourful nails are becoming ever more popular, the classic French Style is still the undisputed queen in the industry. That’s because this style makes nails look completely natural and well maintained, which is a must in many professions. This style complements the comprehensive level of hand and nail care for which Alessandro International’s products are renowned.