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Empty Bottle Set - with labels for self-labelling by Primavera

6 x 50 ml

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Description by Accessories Empty Bottle Set - with labels for self-labelling by Primavera

Individual moments of wellness with your own personally created fragrance oil mixtures

Aromatherapy is a natural and gentle treatment method which is intended to relax the body after the strains of the day and activate its self-healing powers. The use of essential oils helps your body to regenerate and alleviates physical complaints. The beneficial aromas are released through additional products, accessories and fragrance devices. They address your spirit and help you free your soul of the worries and strains of the everyday. Here, a specific effect can be targeted and achieved, as all essences have their own active ingredient and individual effect. Therefore the Empty Bottle Set is a practical accessory for storing and identifying these with its labels for self-labelling. Aromatherapy is used as an accompanying method of treatment in many medical cases. For serious burns, a noticeable improvement can be achieved with an accompanying fragrancing of the environment with notes of lavender. For seriously ill or demented patients, grapefruit oil has been successfully used to support the healing process. During pregnancy, the body is subject to serious strains and medication can often only be used to a limited extent if at all. Plant essences with minimal side effects, such as essential oils from Primavera, can achieve a harmonious calming of the nervous system.Primavera has specialised in using exclusively organic and naturally pure plant materials so as to best unleash the beneficial effect of these. As well as essential oils and complete aromatherapy mixtures, Primavera also offers accessories. These includes, amongst others, practical accessories and fragrance devices for an oasis of well-being at home. Discover also the Empty Bottle Set - with labels for self-labelling. Here you can mix in your own fragrance creations. The Empty Bottle Set - with labels for self-labelling - comes with 6 x 50ml brown glasses so that you can store and label your own essential oils depending on their area of application. When using these and taking care of your body, you must be aware that essential oils are concentrates which must be mixed with a base oil before use on your body or with water for accessories and fragrance devices.

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