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Skin care
Avocado Oil by LIGNE ST BARTH

25 ml

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Description by Skin care Avocado Oil by LIGNE ST BARTH

The Avocado Oil by Ligne St Barth comes in a beautiful orange-coloured bottle with a gold cap. The pleasant smelling and caring cosmetic product is available in a small 25ml sample version, a 125ml bottle or a very long-lasting 200ml version - meaning you’re guaranteed to find the amount of Oil you want for yourself or for someone else. As the name suggests, the skin care product is heavily enriched with avocado so that on the one hand you can benefit from the caring effect, and on the other be assured a masculine scent that of course will lie subtly on your skin - the perfume can also be expanded or replaced at any time, however.

A delicate fragrance on your skin

The delicate scent of Ligne St Barth Avocado Oil lies gently over your body and/or hair - depending on where the oil is used. This is because this skincare cosmetic can be used to care for both hair and body. Event as a classic bath oil, dripped into a full bath, the high-quality cosmetic product works wonderfully. The rich, caring essences ensure a healthy and natural radiance both on your body as well as on your face and hair. Skin’s tension is increased, whilst nails’ firmness is also improved.

An exotic fragrance enriched with tiaré blossoms

The Avocado Oil from the Ligne St Barth brand smells very exotic thanks to the avocado itself as well as the blossoms of the tiaré plant. The Oil is also rich in vitamins A, D and E and at the same time unites the minerals potassium and lecithin. Protein, unsaturated fatty acids and beta carotene give skin reliable protection and at the same time a very natural radiance. This makes the high-quality Oil a key component of your body care programme.

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