Aroma Cleanse Face by Decléor

The Aroma Cleanse series focuses on the long-lasting, effective and refreshing cleansing of the skin. With various cosmetic sets and special products, Decléor attends the needs of the different types of skin. You’ll find, for example, a rich foam and a facial lotion for anti-aging care with essential oils of magnolia and hyaluronic acid in the range. The French brand also introduces peppermint water for the clarifying cleansing of combination skin. All cleansing and toning products contain green tea, which is known for its purifying properties.

Aromatherapy for skincare and an all-round well-being

It’s not only the skin that will benefit from these high-quality products, leaving behind a glowing complexion that is perfectly prepared for skincare with creams or fluids. The spirit will also benefit from these cosmetics. This positive feeling is no accident because Decléor has been following a holistic approach to beauty care since its founding in 1974. The aroma cosmetics from Paris ensure balance within the body as well as providing highly-efficient, tailored facial skincare. This is why valuable essential oils and plant-based ingredients are included in the formulas. The daily cleansing routine is supplemented by special cosmetics. The Aroma Cleanse face spray, for example, will leave your complexion with a fascinating radiance, whilst the extra-gentle face peel with green clay will refine the skin.