Aroma Epil Expert Body by Decléor

The body care line Aroma Epil Expert by Decléor is specially designed for use after hair removal. After epilation or waxing, the skin is particularly stressed and often displays redness or irritation. The Aroma Epil Expert cosmetics calm redness, soothe the skin and provides it with valuable moisture. The result is a smooth, nourished skin with barely a blemish. In addition, the product slows the regrowth of new hair. Of course the range also includes a product designed for sensitive skin.

Amora Epil Expert - gentle body care after hair removal

With its Aroma Pil Expert body care series, Decléor presents two luxurious products that will soothe your skin and provide all-round care. The Gel Double Action Post-Épilation product supplies your skin with moisture after hair removal and soothes irritated areas with valuable ingredients such as aloe vera and meadowfoam oil. Uncomfortable sensations of heat and other side-effects of hair removal are reduced effectively. Crème Post-Épilation is a rich product based on shea butter. This product is especially suitable for areas of sensitive skin You can use it on the face, bikini area or on the lips. To maintain good results, Decléor recommends daily use after all types of hair removal.