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sen7 Metallic Pink by sen7

5,80 ml

5,80 ml

mit Trichter / 5,80 ml

mit Trichter / 5,80 ml

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Description by Color sen7 Metallic Pink by sen7

The pocket-sized atomiser by the Sen7 brand presents itself in bright pink and in a modern form, which can be conveniently taken with you onto the plane and while travelling, when it would definitely be better for the bottle of your favourite fragrance to stay in your own bathroom due to its fragility. The pocket-sized atomiser can be filled with any perfume, with a funnel even having been specifically integrated to ensure that not a single millilitre of the valuable fragrance essences is lost.

Break-proof and ideal for en route

Once the atomiser in the Colour Series has been filled, it can be used by simply pressing the upper half. As no glass whatsoever has been integrated in the Sen7 atomiser, it is extremely break-proof and stable, meaning that the perfume content is protected as efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, the Colour Series captivates due to exciting and fun-loving colours, in this case a bright and exotic pink, which is suitable for both women and self-confident men.

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