College Sport Woman Women's fragrances by Tom Tailor

The College Sport Woman fragrance range from Tom Tailor first came out in 2014 and is meant to represent a sporty alternative to everyday fragrances. For this, the well-known fashion brand uses a variety of fresh and very varied ingredients which will amaze with their zesty and lively aura which will lie on your skin noticeable succinctly from the very first spritz. The women’s perfume from the range is also its centrepiece. Mixed as an Eau de Toilette Spray, this perfume is a superb all-rounder that should not be missing from any handbag or bathroom. Of course, this perfume is also available as a sample, which you can use to get a “taster” of the fragrance.

Sport women’s fragrance with energy kick

College Sport Woman is perfect for jogging, volleyball or a full work out at the gym. The fresh essences of Tom Tailor not only cover up unpleasant odours that can arise at any time when playing sport, but also ensure a very friendly and compatible fragrance. This even creates energy during sport, since invigorating essences animate body and spirit, which is quickly reflected in physical top performance. Anyone still not quite won round by the women’s perfume can of course try out a perfume sample at any point to discover the energy kick for themselves during their favourite sporting activity.

The scent of the Tom Tailor creation

The College Sport Woman women’s perfume uses a zesty top note which is made of a combination of oranges and bergamot. Fruity, zesty and lively is what characterises the core of the fragrance too, where iris offers a floral framework for orange blossoms to add their fruity complement too. The base note of this creation is, like with many women’s fragrances, very natural and down-to-earth. Here, sweet vanilla meets musk and a hint of ambergris. Using perfume samplers, you can try out this fragrance on your own skin at home.