Man Men's fragrances by Replay

With its fragrances, the Replay brand wants to create unique compositions which are good for surprises time and again. These enrich everyday moments and give their wearer a fashion-conscious and elegant entrance. With the Man men’s fragrance, a perfume has been created which radiates extravagance and security. Confident men can benefit from the stimulating properties of this perfume. These have spontaneous and courageous properties which are composed with lots of fantasy.

A perfume to invigorate the senses

Replay Man is a fragrance based on citrus fruits. The aromatic fragrance nuances of myrtle round off the aroma of the perfume. Nutmeg ensures a powerful and warm entrance. The use of smoky gaiacum and sensuous amber ensures an elegant, masculine and grandiose entrance. The fine balance of the individual ingredients ensures maximum freshness and invigorates the senses. Be inspired by a men’s fragrance that stands for uniqueness and masculine elegance!