New York Men's fragrances by Playboy

The Big Apple New York is not only the most stunning city in the world, but is also home to numerous celebrities, thinkers, artists and brands. Playboy brings the tone, scent and attitude of the secret capital city of the USA spectacularly in a black, urban appointed bottle. The perfume is part of a fragrance range which seeks to capture the different impressions of different cities, including London, Miami, Vegas and, of course, Berlin. The men’s fragrances were created in 2010 and included in several nourishing cosmetic products.

A bit of New York on your skin

The Playboy men’s fragrances use a combination of vinyl notes with lime and aldehyde in the top note. The central note of the perfume is reminiscent of green apple, elemi resin and black pepper. The base of the scent consists of vanilla, combined with vetiver and tonka bean. The Big Apple Feeling come in a two piece gift set, as a long lasting Deodorant Spray and Body Spray as well as a refreshing After Shave. The urban fragrance range is completed with a masculine and gently cleansing Shower Gel which is perfectly suitable for every day use.