Generation Men's fragrances by Playboy

Generation for Him is the twin scent to the corresponding female fragrance and was created in 2014 by the perfumers Givaudan and Alexandra Kosinski. The fragrance range by Playboy uses the perfume of the same name as the heart, but also offers a coordinating After Shave, Deodorant Body Spray and a Shower Gel. All products use the playful but masculine men’s fragrance of the Eau de Toilette Spray, thus they can be mixed and matched. The Eau de Toilette Spray comes in a 50 ml bottle adorned with a colourful band. The cap remains a classic black.

Light and playful men’s fragrances by a cult brand

The After Shave of the Generation range should be used on the face directly after shaving. It imparts freshness to the skin, nourishing it at the same time, to prevent irritation such as redness or pimples. The Deodorant on the other hand banishes unpleasant odours, instead laying a pleasant sent over the wearer. The economical 150 ml spray bottle can be used daily so that the accustomed security is not lost under stress or in warm temperatures. The Playboy Shower Gel in the range comes in a 250 ml container and ensures a wellness atmosphere in your own bathroom.

The Generation perfume at a glance

The Playboy men’s fragrances start in the top note with zesty bergamot, ripe pineapple and cinnamon, merging into lavender, cashmeran and tonka bean syrup in the heart. The base note of the perfume uses a trio, of which vanilla is very prominent. This is expanded with a hearty leather note and cedar. The result is a long-lasting fragrance which is very masculine despite its playful conception and cuts a sharp figure in any situation. The multifaceted mixture guarantees exciting and interesting fragrance experiences in every note for the olfactory senses.