Plantur 21 Hair care by Plantur

Haircare for thick and full hair: Plantur 21

The Plantur 21 product line offers effective care for your hair. The hair structure, growth and volume will be improved considerably. The manufacturer, Plantur, presents a shampoo and an elixir that deliver visible and tangible results thanks to the Nutri-caffeine active ingredient. The high-quality product makes washing and caring for the hair easy. The shampoo and elixir are especially suitable for damaged, dull and coloured hair. At the same time, the haircare system has been proven to be very effective against hair loss. Every individual hair is strengthened from the root to the tip. After washing and styling, you’ll notice that the hair is easier to comb and has a wonderful gloss.

Intensive active ingredients in Plantur 21

Beautiful, supple and glossy hair is the pride of every woman. The Plantur hair products are perfect for you if you would love to have thicker, fuller hair. The products contain caffeine, which has a positive effect on slow hair growth. You can use the shampoo every day. The elixir is a valuable complement to the programme and contains highly-concentrated ingredients. Apply directly to the scalp and don’t rinse out! The scalp tonic protects the hair root from a lack of energy with a Nutri-caffeine complex. The manufacturers state that a depot of active ingredients builds up on the scalp, providing your hair with the ingredients for 24 hours. This is said to support thicker growth. The products will protect against premature hair loss and encourage the growth of new hair.