Men Men's fragrances by Parfums de Marly

Parfums de Marly is a French perfume house with a rich history, which is known for its outstanding fragrances, which combine especially luxurious essences and are often released in minimalistic flacons. The men’s fragrances in the Men Line are specifically developed for men and consequently have more spicy and tart notes, but are nevertheless not just very masculine but also very open and friendly. A perfume from Parfums de Marly is a very special acquisition that can give its wearer long-lasting enjoyment, especially as the men’s fragrances are very long-lasting.The Men fragrances are released in square-cut flacons differing in colour and in aroma. Parfums de Marly often relies on luxurious gold flacons, but the high-quality elixirs are occasionally poured into silver, transparent or black flacons as well. At any rate, each perfume has a distinctive embossing on the front that skilfully highlights the brand’s logo as an eye-catcher.

French passion with royal roots

The men’s fragrances by Parfums de Marly combine two royal characteristics of the former Ludwig the XV. The latter had developed a very special preference for luxurious fragrances, which is why the then royal court was popularly designated as the ""perfumed court"". The French brand combines the typical French love of perfume with the horses, which were the second secret passion of Kind Ludwig at the time. The result is animating fragrances for men looking for a specific elixir but not wanting to accept any compromises in their choice of quality.The Men Line includes several fragrance creations, partially inspired by the crazy accords from Arabian countries. The large selection ensures that every man finds an appropriate fragrance to suit his own type, look and character, which ideally positively appeals to his partner as well. In the meantime, the elegant flacons also make a chic eye-catcher in every bathroom.