12 Lacha The Black Line by Odin New York

12 Lacha is the perfect supplement to the The Black Line perfume collection. It has already been honoured with the FiFi Award and represents a modern interpretation on traditions in the perfume world. The wearer will be transported into an entirely different world. The bottle comes in the form of a rectangular, transparent, heavy glass bottle. The colour reminds one very much of India. It also embodies the whole spectrum of spices.

Lacha transports you on a journey through the multifaceted Indian landscape. The individual notes, spices and other wonderful nuances combine to make a colourful and unique fragrance. 12 Lacha is warm, spicy, enigmatic and harmonious. The unisex fragrance is perfectly suited to both men and women, like all the creations in the Odin New York series.

Just a spray or two is all you need for an intense fragrance experience. They are more than enough to envelope the wearer in an unexpected and wonderfully mysterious fragrance.

Every creation from the House of Odin is unique. A comparison with other fragrances is not possible. Each fragrance wraps you in a magical world and transport you away with its own magical aura. Every day you wear this scent will be a real experience.