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Crystal Nail File To Go by KOH

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Description by Nail care Crystal Nail File To Go by KOH

Product sub-line: Skin care
Range: Nail care
Description: Crystal Nail File To Go

Avoid torn and raw nails by using the KOH Crystal Nail File regularly, thereby re-shaping your nails. The Crystal Nail File seals nails thanks to its delicate structure and perfectly shapes them. This helps prevent tiresome rips or breaks in the nail. Thanks to the delicate yet robust structure of the glass, the File is a suitable tool for all nail types, from soft and weak to hard and robust. The special texture of the File is not only particularly kind to nails and hygienic, it also has a ten times longer life expectancy than traditional nail files. For wonderfully maintained nails without irritating irregularities!

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Use by Nail care Crystal Nail File To Go by KOH

Hold the nail file gently in your hand and use underneath the nail at an angle of approximately 45°. Then file the nail into the desired shape. Work from the edge of the nail to the middle. It is important, here, to avoid sawing or grating movements with the nail file, since this could damage the nail. Rinse the file under running water after use.

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