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Vitamin Moisturising Cream by Hildegard Braukmann

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Description by Emosie Face Vitamin Moisturising Cream by Hildegard Braukmann

Vitamin Moisturising Cream Nourishing daily protection cream, suitable for all skin typesIt is enriched with the skin active vitamins F, A, C, and E and also contains melissa extract and hydroviton, a natural moisturiser for stabilising water balance. The skin texture is optimally improved and the skin’s acid protection layer effectively strengthened. Ingredients: The complete list of ingredients is found on the packaging using the required INCI nomenclature. Active ingredient Hydroviton. This moisturiser resembles the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) of the skin and contains its characteristic components. Hydroviton demonstrably raises and stabilises skin moisture levels, improves elasticity, and prevents dryness and wrinkle formation. Melissa (melissa officinalis). Melissa originates in the Mediterranean area and the orient. The leaves are gathered before or during the blooming period. Extracts of this healing plant have been used since ancient times for the irritation-soothing and calming effects. Grape see\d oil contains a large amount of vitamin F.This essential vitamin is among the foundations of our skin, it strengthens barrier function and thus the resilience of the skin. Furthermore, this vitamin produces an even complexion and suppresses irregular pigmentation. Vitamin A stimulates cell renewal in the skin. Skin regeneration will be accelerated and the natural skin functions optimised. Vitamin A helps mature skin look smooth, fresh and rosy for longer. Vitamin C catches free radicals. These free aggressive oxygen molecules form particularly under UV rays, negative environmental influences or stress. Vitamin C counters these damaging influences by catching these radicals. The skin is much better protected, cell activity is stimulated and new production of collagen fibres is encouraged. Vitamin E offers active cell protection. With regular use it will improve the complexion and the skin will be tangibly smoother. Vitamin E demonstrably boosts the skin’s moisture retention. Mature skin will be intensely nourished and builds a protection reserve for the next day. Use Apply to the face in the morning after cleansing. Product benefits- Helps the skin achieve balanced moisture content in the face of varied external conditions.- Gives the skin the impulse to resist damaging environmental influences (radicals).- Prevents premature wrinkle development, reduces existing lines and wrinkles.- The day vitamin boost for all skin types.- Best-seller with test rating ‘Good’. Container size: 50 ml jar

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