Hildegard Braukmann - Emosie Face - Peach Peeling Hildegard Braukmann - Emosie Face - Peach Peeling
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Description by Emosie Face Peach Peeling by Hildegard Braukmann

Peach Peeling Intense exfoliator for face and body. Removes impurities and excess dead skin cells. With fine particles of real lava granulate, shea butter and peach kernel oil. The skin becomes delicate and fresh once more. The Emosie Peach Peeling refines the complexion, making it particularly receptive to subsequent skin care. Ingredients: The complete list of ingredients is found on the packaging using the required INCI nomenclature. Active ingredient Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) easily sinks into the skin and hair, and improves moisture uptake capacity, particularly in dry, brittle and cracked skin. Panthenol is effective against redness and roughness of the skin, is anti-inflammatory and soothes itchiness. In hair care products it improves comb-ability and the shine of the hair, and in addition has a ‘repair effect’. Peach kernel oil: Golden yellow oil with a particularly gentle scent and taste, which makes the skin pleasantly soft and smooth. Volcanic lava granulate has been used as a natural exfoliator since the year dot. We use a particularly finely ground lava granulate. Shea butter is obtained from the nuts of the west African shea butter tree, and is rich in vitamins E and A.Use Apply 1 to 2 times weekly to the face and body (avoid eye area). Lightly massage with wet hands, carefully rinse with water. Then apply Conditioning Cream. Container size: 200 ml bottle

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