Only the Brave Tattoo Men's fragrances by Diesel

The Only the Brave Tattoo line by the Diesel brand is perfect for tough men who want to complement their raw and masculine side with a high-quality perfume. Like all men’s perfumes by Diesel, Only the Brave Tattoo fragrance is also suitable for any occasion, is just as wearable everyday as it is to the office, in the evening or for exercising. How the fragrance is ultimately used depends solely on the wearer since the fragrance in this line is also a ode to the independence of the modern man.

Raw accents and an unmistakable character

Diesel’s Only the Brave Tattoo range is defined by its aromatic and spicy tobacco notes which create a provocative but thoroughly harmonious character for the fragrance. The flaçon for this line comes in the shape of a clenched fist. The hand features an elaborate tattoo which is inked on the back on the hand. The top note of the fragrance has accents of apple; in the middle note are nuances of pepper and tobacco and the warm and natural quality of amber wood is worked into the base note.