Unisex fragrances by Bond No. 9

Unisex fragrances like have caused a worldwide sensation. The perfume bears the same name as the website of Bond No. 9. A look behind the fragrance line reveals the perfumery of the same name, founded in 2003 by Laurice Rahme. After working with big names including Creed and Annick Goutal, the renowned perfumer opened her own perfumery in New York. Each fragrance created there is wholly dedicated to the “Big Apple”. Just in case you were wondering: the name Bond No. 9 was taken from number 9 Bond Street, where the perfumery is based!

Unisex fragrances of perfect aromatic quality

Whether fragrance or scented candle: all Bond No. 9 products impress with their unique, characteristic scents. The various aromas reflect typical New York life. In her olfactory composition of these individual fragrances, Laurice Rahme was able to draw on the wealth of experience she gathered while working in the Middle East. The diversity of the global metropolis is reproduced with various essences, which capture the musicality and pulsating life and reflect these in a fragrance. Each Bond No.9 perfume resembles the city of New York: a city that never sleeps, an incredible fusion of individuality and diversity. Bond No. 9 was the first brand to create a large collection of unisex fragrances dedicated exclusively to one city. Each of the fragrances take their name from an individual district of New York! Let yourself be inspired by and enjoy a universal fragrance that will positively accentuate your own unique character!