Complexion Make-up by Astor

Astor Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand whose foundation dates back to as early as 1952. The foundation was instigated by the German Astor family, which later also founded the renowned New York Hotel ""Waldorf Astoria"". The brand has now achieved enormous public awareness, primarily as it publicly protests against animal experiments in the cosmetic field and also succeeded in winning over Heidi Klum as prominent advertising medium. The cosmetic brand offers multi-faceted make-up products for women’s complexions, which can be applied to the face either selectively or extensively. Styling tips, which are developed together with Heidi Klum, are also provided in addition to the products.

Traditional German cosmetics

The varied products for the complexion of beautiful women range from various foundations via powder in innumerable colour nuances to concealers and appropriate cover products that can be used selectively. The large selection in the Astor assortment means you are guaranteed to find the right product for your complexion, your type and your completely individual personal preferences. Create a flawless, enchanting and youthfully beautiful skin, free of irregularities and imperfections.