pedix Med Skin care by Alessandro

The Swiss company, Alessandro, has dedicated itself to professional nail, hand and foot care since its inception in 1989. As well as a range of decorative and care products, the brand operates studies where its own collections are used. The internationally-renowned label’s portfolio includes the pedix Med range which is ideal for intensive foot skincare and toenails. This series has combined all the factors that make up a perfect pedicure . As well as the aesthetic advantages offered by their flawless appearance, the products in this range also provide effective protection. Pleasing textures and scents ensure that this protection contributes to general well-being and that it is also a sensual experience. When creating its recipes, the brand from Langenfeld, Germany prefers to use primarily natural ingredients avoids synthetic components as far as possible.

Professional cosmetics for foot-care

The pedix Med line consists of several products. A foot cream has regenerating and revitalising effects and gives skin moisture. Effective ingredients include Spirulina micro-algae. The label’s foot gel has similar properties and also has an anti-bacterial quality. For caring for nails, use the serum that similarly acts against bacteria. In general, Alessandro’s cosmetics take account of the fact that the skin on the feet is put under intense strange yet is also sensitive. Perfectly maintained hands and feet contribute significantly to a successful overall image. Therefore manicures and pedicures can be seen as a matter of self-awareness. This care cosmetics product is also one of the requirements for chic nail art. In our online shop you’ll also find high-quality nail polish and professional accessories for fashionably styling your fingernails. Discover Alessandro’s pedix Med range and give your feet some well-being.