Eyes Make-up by Alcina

For an intensive eye make-up , you’ll need a series of high-quality products. The individual products should work well together. The combination of different colours brings a certain mystery to the eyes. Alcina Eyes offers a comprehensive range of eye care products that harmonise with one another. Combine a dark eyeliner with an eyeshadow which matches the colour of your eyes. The collection includes an eyebrow styler so you can shape your brows exactly how you want. Complete your make-up by emphasising your lashes with a deep black mascara.

A smoky kajal eyeliner will conjure up an interesting glance.

It can be used on the upper and lower lids, or experiment and use it to emphasise only one area. When you would prefer to define your lids exactly, the eyeliner is the perfect choice. For the perfect make-up, the Alcina Eyes collection also includes a deep black liquid liner so you can define your eyes very precisely. Take the time to experiment and discover how you can best draw attention to your eyes and exaggerate your gaze. Choose the colour that best suits your eyes and skin type from the large palette of the Alcina Eyes series. The cosmetics are produced using only the finest ingredients and are long-lasting so you don’t have to keep touching up your make-up.
The professional removal of make-up is also very important. The range also includes an effective eye make-up remover so you can very gently remove your eye make-up at night.

Eyes by Alcina